My Usual Thursdays


Hubby juggles 2 jobs, he works for our church as a Youth Worker but also at our local Whetherspoons in the evening, so it’s a full busy day for him which he loves!! Which will all change in a few weeks once I have to go back to work, man a life I’m going to miss my entire life being entirely focused on G!! I’ve seriously learnt to enjoy these days with him, it was tough to begin with, juggling a newborn George by myself, no family around but now that he’s more interactive and I know him so much more we love these times together.

He’s such a character, so laid back like his daddy!!
He’s actually modelling the hat I made before he was born!! I created 3 different sizes as I had NO idea how big babies heads usually are (tiny) and they have just started to fit. At 6months
I was so excited a cried a lil!!! (Still maybe too hormonal since having him)

Such a cheeky chappy
He’s starting to explore so much more these days which excites me no end!!!
He’s loving noises, grabbing everything, wears me out but just totally loving seeing his little personality come out


There is nothing I’m enjoying more than having a park 2 minutes from my house!!!
We’ve spent so much time here, he’s such a curious chappy, he loves watching the trees and birds and squirrels.



Just a complete picturesque evening.
Just what I needed after a hectic week.
God bless xx

Flower Pressing

I got given a real flower presser from my Nana & Gramps once they found I out I use to use my bible to press all my flowers haha and I loved it as a little girl, so I thought I would get into it again and frame them


I’m excited how the leaf will look!!
Has anyone got any ideas what you can make with them once pressed??

Not enough time in the day to breathe


This past week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life (okay, maybe slightly a bit dramatic) I’m suffering from the repercussions of it do I’ve just spent some time with my babe in the park waiting for daddy to finish Work, some time to just be able to breathe and reflect and realised how autumnal it is starting to look. My favourite time of the year!!! Jumpers and tights on, beautiful trees, walks, gorgeous colours!!
I need to do more pressing of leaves and plants.